A Little About Us                      

We are a Church of England congregation and proud that we worship in a beautiful medieval-style building on a site where there has certainly been a church and continuous worship since 1157, only 90 years after the Norman Conquest. It seems likely that there was a place of worship on the site even before this time. 

The present building is much more recent replacing an earlier 1830s building. The bell tower was re-constructed in 1854, the main nave between 1914 and 1917 and the chancel in 1923.

As a community we seek to be inclusive, and welcoming of the variety and diversity of human experience. Our style of worship draws on a Catholic (high church) tradition centred on the Eucharist and following the Church's seasons. Our services are enriched with a variety of music led by organ and choir and drawing on both traditional and contemporary hymns and songs, especially those from the Iona Community. Our aim is to offer beautiful and uplifting worship which enables participants to encounter and engage with the great themes of the Christian tradition and to see their relevance for the world in which we live. We take the Bible seriously and seek to interpret it in the light of contemporary experience and complexity.

We value regular prayer, study and worship to nurture personal growth and equip us to be followers of the Way of Jesus in the world today. Our aim, in words of the Prophet Micah (6.8) would be to encourage each person to:
  • love compassion
  • do justice
  • and walk humbly with your God
Our community is representative of attached and single people, different ages and abilities, those who have a natural faith and those who struggle with belief. We believe that in the Gospel is to be found God’s radical welcome, a great and generous invitation to all irrespective of age, ethnicity, gender, disability or sexual orientation. Our Church is listed as a Welcoming and Open Congregation in the Changing Attitude database.