Children's Church


All children are welcome to join our services. Please click on the LHS menu Services for more information. We have a children's play area available in the church with safe and soft play areas and baby changing facilities in the vestry. 
For older children we have Christian word searches, work sheets and colouring books.
For special services such as Easter and Christmas the children are encouraged to take part in drama presentations and crafts.

Sunday September 11th 2016

On a beautiful September's day, the children went into Manor Park where they made rafts and sailed them on the stream to demonstrate 'living water'.




Sunday October 18th 2015

Today the younger children were learning how Jesus acts as a shepherd and looks after his flock. The children had a craft activity -making sheep - and acted out a story with a shepherd, sheep and a wolf.

'I am the good shepherd. I know my own and my own know me'

  Children in the play area