The Walking Group started walking in February 2006 and so they are now celebrating their 10th anniversary. Anyone is very welcome to join us; the idea is that women from different  faiths can come together to share the ups and downs of their lives  and extend their knowledge of different  ways of worshipping.
We meet in front of Glossop Parish Church of All Saints (For map click on location on LHS of page) on Tuesdays at 12.45pm and usually set off come rain or shine! We decide on the day where to go. We don’t usually walk far, up to 4 miles at the most. Our walks are local or a little further if we can car share.

There is always plenty of chatter and laughs, especially if there is mud or streams to negotiate We return to ‘base camp’ at the church for a well earned cuppa around 3.30 pm Sometimes we call at a café or pub for coffee There is comradeship among us and knowledge that whatever may befall any of us, there will always be support from the group.


Anyone wishing to join us will be assured of fun, maybe some tears but not too much strenuous exercise! So why not come and try it? You will need walking boots and to wrap up for the weather. Please contact Monica 07784263890 or Bee 07759258048 or Bev 854885

Lunch at the Wren's Nest March 2016

On the 1st of March 2016, the Tuesday walking group went for lunch in Wren's Nest to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Everybody had a great time.



Walk on Derbyshire Level February 2016


Celebrating their 10th anniversary!

Walk up Monks Lane with stunning views September 2015


Walk near Lantern Pike February 2015

The walkers went to Hayfield for a beautiful walk near Lantern Pike, they had bright sunshine and stunning views of the surrounding hills, ending up in Rosie's tea Room in Hayfield for tea and toasted tea cakes