Convent Retreat

Dawn, Brenda, Ilana, Nic and Bee from our Church family went for a weekend retreat in The Convent of The Holy Name, Moorley Road, Oakwood, Derby DE21 4QZ, telephone: 01332 671716,

From Bee:

"We stayed in the guesthouse under the gentle guidance of Sister Pauline Margaret who is the guest sister.We attended all the offices in the chapel and had our meals in silence in the main building with the sisters. Sister Pauline has a written a book about the Jesus Prayer which we all read before going. We all had questions to ask and Sister Pauline Margaret kindly spent time with us and talked us through the book. Of course the sessions also included other issues and were truly helpful to us all.  We were blessed with sunshine and spent time walking around the beautiful gardens surrounding the convent. We had hours together doing activities organised by ourselves, but also spending time  in solitude when we needed it. We all felt that we achieved such a lot from our weekend retreat and we returned home in high spirits and full of inner peace ready for our busy daily lives."